3D Animation's done in Maya and 3D Studio Max

(may need QuickTime player)
Claw Machine/Grabber Machine
Claw Machine that grabs a cat and shakes it around and rips it in half.
Demo Real 2006
Demo Reel of 3D digital animtions Done by G-Rat. Demo Real 2006 Small
Character Talking
first character I made with facial animation saying quote from star wars "look at the size of that thing". is made with from nurbs
Star Wars Space Battle
epic Star wars space battle, with X-wing, Y-wing, X-TIE Interceptor, and a Lambda-class shuttle. done in 3D Studio Max
a character walk cycle sneaking along done in Maya
Cyborg creature walking on four legs done in Maya
Military Bunker Turnaround
Graveyard Turnaround
Fish in Bowl swimming
Animation of fish swimming around and saying "look at that", swimming around planet express building from Futurama.
Y-Wing escaping
video of a y-wing flying over a star destroyer while being shot at.
Weight Shift

Flash Animations

Flying Bird (flash movie)feb.11/04
Running Character in Spotlight (flash movie)
Final Flash Movie (flash movie)april.18/04
Singing Care bear (flash movie)

Stop Motion

Stop Motion Foggy
A group project done at NSCC Truro
Experimental Animation

Live Action Composite

Lightsaber dual
a fun video clip of a lightsaber dual
Hamlet in 10 mins
A shortened shortened version of the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, done in my basement for a grade 12 English project, uses blue screen for the backgrounds, and has lightsabers from star wars
Experimental Animation Small
Experimental character interaction, with a dragon in a graveyard interacting with live action character done in front of a blue screen, dragon and graveyard done in maya. It's a little simple I guess that's why it's called experimental


Bouncing Ball 1 Sept.23/03
Bouncing ball in room light weight 2 Sept.24/03
Bouncing Ball in room heavy 2b Sept.25/03
Grass Whip Cycle Oct.7/03
Folding box Oct.14/03
Character Jazzercise Oct.19/03
Character Ball Throw Nov.27/03
Character Lifting a Weight Dec.3/03
Front View Walk Cycle
Side View tread Walk Cycle
Side View Walk Cycle
Side pan (96MB)
Final Animation design streamed movie)April.19/04