$100 DIY Big Screen LCD Projector TV

    Whenever you think of a big screen projection TV, you think of the high price tag. How can I afford something like that? Well the next few paragraphs will change your entertainment life forever. It's a lot easier then you think to make your own DIY big screen LCD projector TV! for under $100.
    Using a few things you can find around the house, and something's you can find cheep online or at your local junk store, it is possible to make your own homemade TV projector for under $100 Don't worry, no electrical experience is required. In fact, a caveman could make this. After just a hour you can be playing on your game console or watching your favorite DVD on a big screen.
    This big screen projector is even portable so you can use it anywhere you want. Even someone else's house, or you can be the envy of everyone at your LAN party.
Things you will need

     an old overhead projector.
     a LCD monitor (you can get these pretty cheep especially if the back light is gone in them got mine for $30 on ebay)
     a roll of duck tape.
     a white bed sheet or a bare white wall.
How to Put it together

     what you want to do is take the LCD screen and backlight out from the monitor stand, and detach the backlight and put it off to the side you wont be needing it. next it just as simple as mounting the LCD screen on top of the overhead I used the handy mans best friend duck tape. next just hock up the power supply and circuit board to the screen and mount it onto the overhead. and tack your bed sheet up on the wall for the screen, and your done. Just turn it on and you can start watching movies on your very own big screen LCD TV, just like at the movie theater.

Want to see it in action Just Click Here