G-Rat's Overclocked PC fully Submerged in Mineral Oil

This computer mod is quite simple I just took an old pc tower and cut out the tray and back panel in to the shape of the top of the aquarium, and dropped it down in side the aquarium, and used silicon to seal up most of the hole to prevent the mineral oil from evaperating. and used a 12 volt submerged water pump, to pump the mineral oil though a radiatior, for better cooling. If I had to change anything it would be mounting the power supply out side of the mineral oil. and useing a water block cooler to spray the freshly cooled mineral oil directly on to the CPU in stead of using the heatsink.

The machine is running strong! with no problems with stability, most of the time at 60C! It is very easy to lower the temperature with putting it in stand by for about a hour it can drop to 40C, even at it's highest temperature 76C it still runs stable.

Prolonged exposure to the mineral oil has not eaten away at any components. However, just after a few weeks the double sided tape I used to hold the cathode light up fell off so ended up using cable ties to hold it in place.

The oil has gotten slightly murky. It's not a very large change, but not to surprising, due to the dust in the room. I plan on hooking up a small fuel filter or  oil filter from a ride on lawnmower to counter the problem.

Total cost of the system $110 ($50 for the aquarium tank and $60 for the mineral oil)
Max CPU load temperature is 76C
Max equilibrium temperature 35C
PC overclocked from 2.66ghz to 3.21ghz